DWN and Agrismart webinar

Webinar Alert! 3 July 12:30pm

Contracts matter – start off the right way and the employment journey with your team will be smoother.
Thanks to Dairy Women’s Network you can learn-over-lunch with us:
🐄 How to set up and maintain compliant up-to-date contracts (even short-term contracts for calf rearing and relief milking)
🐄 Making onboarding seamless
🐄 Easy ways to induct your new staff
Rob and Marie-Claire will present an interactive session that will leave you confident to hire your next team member, get the paperwork set up just right, and know how to onboard them easily so they’re effective from day one.
Marie-Claire (M-C) has been a friend of DWN for several years working closely with the team. She’s a passionate start up business expert, coach and mentor who lives by the mantra ‘no pressure, no diamonds’ and started working with Rob and the team at AgriSmart in March.
Rob has worked with the DWN team over a couple of years. Gaining valuable Business Banking experience in the UK, Rob to New Zealand in 2018, where he utilised his knowledge and skillset to forge strong relations, and find solutions, for Kiwi business owners. Roles have included recruiting and placing apprentices within the trades and helping agribusinesses with their workforce management.
We will chat about the critical importance of maintaining current and up-to-date employment contracts, which are essential for legal compliance and organisational clarity. From job offers to the induction process, including health and safety content, we will demonstrate how AgriSmart facilitates a smooth and efficient onboarding experience for new employees.
Interactive Q&A Session: To conclude, we will have a dedicated segment for questions and answers, allowing us to delve deeper into specific areas of interest or concern- ask us anything!
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If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us directly.  We’re here to help!


DWN and Agrismart webinar

Dairy Women’s Network Webinar: The Importance of Employment Contracts

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