TimeSmart software has been around in one form or another for over 10 years, with Time and Attendance and Full Job Costing being our cornerstone features.

In 2015, AgriSmart was tailored to address certain pain points around staff management in the NZ Dairy Industry. This was to specifically deal with Time and Attendance, Minimum Wage requirements, Leave measurements based on specific roster requirements (peculiar to the Dairy Industry), Payroll, and Health & Safety. As a result, AgriSmart maintains a leading market presence in the NZ Dairy Industry.

For some time, AgriSmart has been developing a fully specific Horticulture module which is nearing completion.

The AgriSmart Horticulture module will be a Full Staff Management application built for NZ Horticulture. Our development focus is reliant on considerable inputs from a handful of NZ horticulture businesses.

AgriSmart offers a solution to replace manual Time and Attendance and all the manual measures thereafter, by offering an automated Data Chain as below:

Manual Data Chain vs Automated Data Chain

Manual Date Chain: The old world of manual paper-based time entry necessitates time data be touched several times throughout its life-cycle. It may be added to Jobs to be billed, paid breaks, and the measurement of minimum wage. Thus, formulas need to be manually applied at multiple points, which is time-consuming in itself.

Manual timesheets individually represent time and production figures – units picked, cut, pruned, plucked, thinned, and harvested. The relative cost of that production are numbers manually derived from those initial timesheets.

Automated Data Chain: With AgriSmart, all production numbers are collated from the time entered. From here, this data flows through to the hourly rates of pay for piece rates, wages, or both, for all employees, for any length of time. This is all automated from the initial online time and production data from the field – simple!

Old System Process vs AgriSmart Process
Paper entries for time and units from the fieldTime, units, and job are entered into the device and units are apportioned independently or collectively
Paper gets to the office somehowThe office checks the accuracy online
The paper data is entered into multiple spreadsheets to work out rates, pay paid breaks, minimum wage, deductions, and paymentsAll measures are automated with time and units to Jobs (where applicable)
Time and units are entered against the Job if billing forwardThe data is assimilated into various reports
Summaries are either exported or manually entered into PayrollThe Payroll module processes the pay in 5 steps
Payslips are printedPayslips are viewed in AgriSmart
AgriSmart Time and Attendance Flow

Our Horticulture module also offers the following:

  • Crop Costing
  • Fully integrated Payroll
  • A Health & Safety module
  • Storage of staff documents
  • Employee skill sets and training

If you are looking for a solution that will reduce human error, deal with time only once, and ensure you have a clear management overview that works for your business (be it large or small), then contact us to discuss this. We look forward to hearing from you.