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Digital Timesheets: Modernising Time Tracking in Agribusiness

Written by Daniel Hobbs, Digital Marketer

The agriculture and horticulture industries in New Zealand are crucial to the country’s economy, providing a significant portion of its exports. With the increasing demand for fresh produce and the need to maintain high standards in production, it has become necessary for these industries to embrace new technology in an effort to improve their processes and remain competitive. One such process that can be greatly improved through technology is time recording. The use of fully digital timesheets can bring a range of benefits to businesses operating in the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

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Digital means automation

One of the biggest advantages of using digital timesheets is improved accuracy and efficiency. Traditional manual timesheet systems are prone to human error and often involve a significant amount of manual data entry. With digital timesheets, the process of recording and tracking time is much quicker and more accurate, reducing the risk of errors that could result in over or underpayment of employees. Furthermore, digital timesheets can be automatically synced with other systems, such as payroll, reducing the need for manual data entry and further risk of human error.

Coupled with advanced methods of time tracking such as biometric devices, card readers, and app-based recording systems, the implementation of digital timesheets removes all the headaches when using outdated and traditional time recording techniques. You can read more about the modern time tracking methods AgriSmart offers in our blog, “Time Tracking Methods: Removing the Hassle with Biometrics, Card Readers, and App-based Solutions.”

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As much accuracy as one requires

Another benefit of digital timesheets is increased visibility and control. Managers can easily monitor the progress of work and the time being spent on each task, allowing them to make informed decisions and identify areas where improvements can be made. Additionally, this information can be scaled and summarised through AgriSmart’s dashboard, allowing further performance monitoring and accuracy when it come to a business paying employees correctly.

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AgriSmart fixes those deeper underlying issues

While the benefits of using digital timesheets are clear, it can be challenging to find a system that is user friendly and easy to use. This is where AgriSmart can be particularly useful. As an all-in-one workforce management software, AgriSmart offers a range of features not only designed specifically for the agriculture and horticulture industries, but also for streamlining the entire time recording process. Allowing the full automation of time recording and the ability to track any piece of information across the entire process.

AgriSmart’s ability to automatically migrate all the necessary data from the digital timesheets through to other fields within the software means 75% of the traditional administration work is removed. Manual data entry, lengthy review periods, and the hassle of backwards tracking to find the source of errors is almost entirely removed. Saving any business time, money, and resources all of which are vital to the success of any business in the New Zealand agriculture of horticulture industries.

A friendly face

AgriSmart, like any great software application is designed to be user-friendly whilst still maintaining the high level of comprehension that is necessary in the field of workforce management. Making it easy for businesses even if they have limited technical knowledge. The software is intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to track time, communicate with employees, and manage their payroll quickly and easily.


The use of fully digital timesheets can bring a range of benefits to businesses operating in the New Zealand agriculture and horticulture industries. The use of digital timesheets can improve accuracy and efficiency, increase visibility and control, and a streamlined process. Furthermore, using an all-in-one software solution like AgriSmart can help businesses to fully automate their time capturing to payroll processes. By embracing technology, businesses operating in these industries can improve their processes and remain competitive in an increasingly demanding marketplace.

Should you wish to learn more about how our digital timesheets feature, as well as how the entire AgriSmart workforce management system can revolutionise your current operations, get in touch using the contact forms on our website or give us a call on 0800 110 172.