Biometrics for Horticulture

Are you sick of employees not recording their timesheets correctly or forgetting to do so? And do you have a Wi-Fi connection down at the packhouse? Then AgriSmart’s Biometric Devices will solve this headache better than Nurofen ever could!

Read over the 6 capabilities our biometric devices offer to horticulture, how such a device could automate and solve your time tracking headaches, and how we can help you setup these devices on your orchard!

plug in and go illustration

1. Plug In & Go

When your employees are setup in AgriSmart, they are automatically on the device!

2. Facial Recognition

Employees come to the packhouse, look into the device to clock in and head off to start the day.

It’s that simple.

3. Automatic Migration

All clock in and clock out entries recorded using the biometric device migrate across the AgriSmart system in real time.

Absolutely zero manual processing.

4. Review in Main System

In the rare case an error occurs with someone’s timesheets, all the information can be reviewed, adjusted or deleted by a manager in AgriSmart’s main system.

timesheet instant creation illustration

5. Instant Timesheet Creation

As soon as an employee clocks out for the day their now completed time recording is generated into a timesheet and logged for payroll processing purposes.

All fully automated and completely hands free.

6. Ready for Pay Processing

With AgriSmart’s biometric device the entire time capturing process has been streamlined so when it comes to completing payroll processing the data is there and ready to be completed.

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