11 court cases in four months have caught the eye of Employment New Zealand and those in finance, payroll, and HR positions.

AgriSmart guarantees compliance and makes sure that no matter what happens your business pays people correctly.

Our team has built a six-step audit that any business can follow to make sure they are compliant with New Zealand Employment law. This has been done to help our clients minimise their risk and is built into every client’s payroll software solution.

July 2020 to November 2020 Employment NZ Cases of Interest

Within AgriSmart’s integrated payroll and timesheets system

1.1 Individual employment agreement

1.2 Wage & Time Records

1.3 Records of deductions

1.4 Records of deductions

1.5 Inclusive annual leave (If ‘no’ – mark as NA.)

1.6 Consistency with visa requirements