Farming, Timesheets, and Minimum Wage Requirements

We all feel overworked and underpaid, but none so than those in the Dairy Farming Industry.  The average Dairy Farmer will work a minimum of 50 hours per week and during peak times it can be ALOT more. They’ll have to turn up whether it’s raining, hailing or the sun is beating down on them. In the summer they’ll be there before the sun comes up and in winter they’ll begin to feel nocturnal as the night and day merge into one big black cloud of hard work and relentless activity.

While the above will continue to occur, there are some legal requirements around maintaining time records and meeting minimum wage requirements. This means that all Employers within the Ag Sector are legally required to ensure all staff are being paid above minimum wage within their respective pay period. Seasonal averaging is no longer allowed in relation to minimum wage and each hour worked by an employee must be paid at least the minimum wage. SO if for any reason they work extra hours during busy periods like calving season, those hours have to be accounted for and the Farm owner / Manager has to top up their pay packet to ensure they remain compliant.

If for any reason you do not adhere to the above rules and regulations you had better hope that the Department of Labour doesn’t turn up on your doorstep. Adequate time sheets for all staff members working on farm is now compulsory. Fines have been imposed with other sectors and it won’t be long before the MBIEtargets more dairy farmers. Don’t find yourself with your pants down and in the media for all the wrong reasons make sure you have a robust time sheet and rostering system that all staff members can work with.