Software built for NZ Dairy Farmers

Right throughout the animal kingdom there are examples of various types of mimics. Here in NZ we have our own selection of mimics. We have the Tui who can accurately mimic the call of the Bellbird. We have the common Blackbird and sometimes even the Starling who will occasionally mimic the sound of the telephone which has been known to actually catch the odd unsuspecting human running for the phone only to realise they have been duped by the mimic. Then of course, as far as compliance around time recording and measures against minimum wage, leave balances and payroll are concerned there are other possible options in the Marketplace that can actually be identified as mimics. As is the case with the Blackbird and the Starling that mimic the telephone it eventually becomes obvious that they are not the real deal.

Agrismart was initially created solely for NZ Dairy Farmers to deal with the complex compliance issues that the Dairy Industry is confronted with. Agrismart is the real deal, we are not mimics and we are here to help you look after your compliance. You will not have to twist, bend and manipulate Agrismart to suit your dairy business as we created Agrismart just for you.