Our platform has been built from the ground up for Horticulture. It has been designed to address the idiosyncrasies of time recording and general records compliance. These are in many ways peculiar to the Horticulture Industry. Our main areas of focus are outlined in the following sections:

Staff Interface
  • Time and units can be entered by individual staff or by a supervisor via smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Time is automatically measured against minimum wage each pay period
  • Paid breaks are measured and displayed in the Payslip
  • All units displayed on the payslips have a unit value
  • Capability to have multi units/rates and hourly rates measured in a single pay period
  • Staff can easily apply for leave
  • Staff and easily view their payslips
Units of Measure (Piece Rate)

There are two ways units can be measured from a piece rate perspective: Independently or collectively:


The team can harvest, pick, or prune units (bins, boxes, plants) independently. If so, units are applied to each team member individually and the minimum wage, paid breaks, deductions, and payments are all factored in


The team can harvest, pick, or prune units (bins, boxes, plants) collectively. If so, units are applied to the entire team and they will be paid according to the hours they work as a % of the total units. This factors in the minimum wage, paid breaks, deductions, and payments

Further Measures
  • Hourly rates of pay can be easily mixed with piece rate payments for any given pay period
  • Paid breaks are factored in to piece rates
  • Daily deductions for travel, drinks, and so on can be entered daily by the supervisor(s)
  • Minimum wage top-ups are automatically measured and displayed in corresponding reports and payslips
Day-to-Day Features
  • Live timesheet entries are displayed for all team members
  • Timesheet entries link to corresponding reports
  • Daily tallies for teams are easily checked, edited, and confirmed prior to Push to Customer Jobs and/or Payroll
  • Leave requests are displayed
  • Built-in reminder function
  • All types of Leave are displayed on the Dashboard
Job Costing
  • Time and Units flow through to the Job
  • Ability to add Overheads
  • Easily identify Gross Job Profit per Job
  • Ability to add notes, documents, and procedures
Team Builder & Job Allocation
  • Create teams on a daily basis with a smart visual table
  • Edit and manage teams as necessary
  • Allocate Jobs to supervisors so they can select the applicable Job
  • Seamless integration between Timesheets, Leave, and Payroll
  • Payroll Wizard makes the pay run process quick and easy
  • There is a full suite of reports
  • Automatically calculates any minimum wage top-ups and includes it in Payments
  • Accounts for statutory minimum paid breaks
  • Extra Payments are catered for with ease
  • In-built Final Leave Calculator
  • IR Filing & Pay Day Filing
  • Easily upload payments for the team
Health & Safety
  • Dashboard displaying KPI’s
  • Easily add in risks with their associated location, notes, and actions
  • Incidents are recorded quickly – ability to upload photos and/or videos
  • Communications to smartphones for action
  • Customise your templates to suit your farm
  • Full Induction process
  • Easily list employee skills
  • Document storage
  • Have multiple farm units on a single licence
  • Contract Builder to minimise touch points when hiring labour
  • Allow others to access your AgriSmart licence if desired – offering full transparency
  • All staff records (time, leave, contracts, meeting notes, audits and other documentation) can be held in the one place and are accessible anywhere you have an internet connection
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