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The Issue of Late Timesheets:

Identifying Problems, Embracing Technology, and Automating the Process

Written by Daniel Hobbs, Digital Marketer

In the fast-paced world of 2023, time is an essential resource. Companies need to track the hours worked by their employees to ensure that they are being paid fairly and accurately. Timesheets are a commonly used tool for recording and tracking employee hours. Unfortunately, late timesheets can cause significant problems for businesses, including delayed payment, payroll issues, and overall reduced efficiency. This article will explore ways to address these persisting issues of late timesheets, specifically in the New Zealand horticulture and agriculture industries.

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Identify problems that may be the cause

Before implementing any changes to the timesheet process, it is essential to identify the underlying problems that may be causing the issue of late timesheets. One of the most common problems is the complexity of the timesheet recording process. Employees may find it challenging to fill out the necessary information, leading to errors and delays. Additionally, employees may be working across multiple locations, which can make it difficult to keep track of their hours.

Another issue is the lack of accountability among employees. Employees may not take the timesheet process seriously, leading to careless errors and missed deadlines. This can result in delayed payment and payroll issues, which can ultimately harm the company’s bottom line.

Finally, there may be a lack of communication and support from management. If employees are not given clear guidelines and expectations regarding timesheet submissions, they may not prioritize the task. Additionally, management may not be providing sufficient resources to assist employees with the timesheet process.

There are a range of additional reasons which could be resulting in late timesheet submissions, and we could continue to list these, however there are also several modern solutions that can help towards solving every one of these timesheet issues.

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How technology changes timesheets recording

In recent years, advances in technology have made it easier than ever to record and track employee hours. With the rise of mobile and cloud-based solutions, employees can now submit timesheets from anywhere at any time. This can be particularly useful for workers in the horticulture and agriculture industries, who may be working in multiple locations with many outdoors.

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Furthermore, some software solutions offer simple and user-friendly mobile applications that make it easy for supervisors and employees to submit their hours, as well as incorporating a start-stop timer feature. Payroll and workforce management companies, such as AgriSmart, are utilising advancements in hardware technology to enable solutions that include automatic time tracking, which can record employee hours using facial recognition or GPS location.

The options for agriculture and horticulture based businesses are truly endless with the technological growth of the workforce management field. But out of all these modern time tracking options what is the best? And which software provider offers that option within the best package for agriculture and horticulture? We delve into this below.

Automate the process

One of the most effective ways to address the issue of late timesheets is to implement an automated time tracking system. These systems use software and hardware integrated technology to automatically track employee hours, eliminating the need for manual timesheet submissions. This can greatly simplify the process for all parties and reduce the potential for errors or delays.

For companies in the New Zealand horticulture and agriculture industries, there are a select few automated time tracking systems available. But none offer an extensive line-up of options quite like AgriSmart.

With AgriSmart users can chose between iOS and Android based mobile applications, select card readers, and biometric devices that utilise the latest in facial recognition technology. All these methods automate the process of time tracking as the data collected automatically migrates through to AgriSmart’s comprehensive payroll and workforce management software suites. This powerful integration removes almost all administrative and error correction work, allowing for less focus on the office component of your agriculture or horticulture business.


Late timesheets can cause significant problems for businesses, including delayed payment, payroll issues, and reduced efficiency. By identifying the underlying problems, businesses in the New Zealand horticulture and agriculture industries can implement effective solutions to address the issue. With the rise of mobile and cloud-based solutions, it is easier than ever to simplify the timesheet recording process through integrated software and hardware solutions. AgriSmart provides users with a series of time tracking methods to modernize the process and can further automate the payroll process with automatic migration from modern time tracking technology to AgriSmart’s comprehensive software solution. Completely reducing the potential for errors and delays, ensuring that businesses can operate smoothly and efficiently all the time.

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